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Manpower policy

The Russian Federal Nuclear Center VNIIEF is a big and dynamically developing enterprise, pursuing the wide range of activities, where experts having about 450 specializations and workers having over 300 professions are employed.
The main goal of personnel policy pursued by VNIIEF is to provide the same with the staff, having enough skills to implement the strategic goals of the company with maximum effectiveness. Thus, the basic goals of the Russian Federal Nuclear Center, as they tackle the manpower policy, are:

  1. To maintain and further develop the potential in possession of the high-qualified staff.
  2. To provide the controllable change of generations.
  3. Qualified selection, assignment and rotation of staff.
  4. Targeted training of staff.
  5. Training, qualification upgrades and development of competence of the staff.

The recruiting department of the Institute commits itself to do the following:

  • Selection of personnel;
  • Organization of practical training and pre-diploma practice for students;
  • Establishment of studies in higher schools at the so-called “targeted” positions;
  • Professional orientation for school children;
  • Training of personnel.
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