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Social liability

RFNC-VNIIEF is a company, which bears certain social liabilities by way of paying a good deal of attention to social protection of its employees and veterans, as well as to health protection issues, improvement of dwellings, development of culture and sports, effective functioning of the objects pertaining to social infra-structure.

Social programs pursued by the Institute comply with the liabilities undertaken in the so-called Collective Agreement and fit the corporate standards. They aim at providing social stability inside a team of employees; establishment of comfortable living and working conditions; rejuvenation of staff; sustaining the living standards of retirees; further development of corporate culture.

All the social programs are executed jointly by RFNC-VNIIEF and its trade-union. RFNC-VNIIEF participates also in solving the social problems of the community territories and makes contributions into charity programs.
As the company sustaining the high level of social responsibility, RFNC-VNIIEF was more than once a prize-winner of the contest “The National Organization of High Social Effectiveness”.

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