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Youth policy

The policy relevant to the young generation of employees of RFNC-VNIIEF was developed in accordance with the Strategy of the State Youth Policy in the Russian Federation and the principles and priorities of the Concept of upbringing of young generation in State Corporation ROSATOM.
The main goal of the youth policy in RFNC-VNIIEF is to provide the suitable environment, which will be attractive for the young generation of scientists and engineers, - the most competent, responsible, moral and patriotic ones looking for long-term career achievements, to be integrated into the activities of the Nuclear Center.
The basic principle underlying the youth policy – is to reach every young specialist, that is to provide the grounds for his/her career and/or professional growth, to offer social protection and to help cultivating the active civil identification.

The youth policy implies pursuing the following trends:

  1. Fostering of personal careers. Generation of the reserve of personnel with public notification of the appointments made.

    Wide announcement of competition for vacant leading positions.

    Formation of teams of young employees involved into both defense and civil areas of activities.

  2. Academic and professional careers.  Encouragement of scientific interest, including defense of thesis for Ph.D. degree before the age of 30 and the degree of Sc.D. before the age of 40.

    Election of young employees into scientific-technical councils of the Institute and the departments thereof.

    Assistance in the appropriate allocation of open scientific publications of the young authors.

    Establishment of conferences, training courses, “summer schools”, seminars and competitions of scientific papers and/or demonstrations of professional skills for young employees. Arrangement of probations and exchanges.

    Participation of young employees in international scientific-technical cooperation process, including participation in international scientific conferences.

    Enlarged cooperation with the leading higher education institutions inside the country with the young employees intensively involved. Participation in establishment of the National Nuclear University and its regional affiliates, as is based on Sarov Institute of Engineering Physics.
    Wide implementation of personalized corporate and education al grants based on the public competitive procedures.

  1. Sharing the professional experience.  Development of the institution of tutorship, the best tutors stimulated both financially and morally.  
    Arrangement of scientific and public/political lectures and seminars for the young employees with different departments taking part in the same.
    Arrangement of regular meetings of the leaders, veterans, top scientific managers, engineers and administrative staff with the young employees to discuss the topics of mutual interest and share the experience.

    Tutorship of the young employees over students and school children.

  2. Assistance to the young families.  Development of the housing program: mortgage and part-time accommodation.        

    Participation of RFNC-VNIIEF and ROSATOM in the program of preferential crediting to the young families based on partial debt amortization in case a baby is born, a thesis is defended or the professional competition is won.

  3. Cultivating the healthy life style.  Support to development of sports and physical training. Assistance to formation of unions of sportsmen. Support to self-organized leisure time, public clubs. Arrangement of touristic, educational, sportive and medical travels, including the foreign ones. Communication with peers from another cities, including those within ROSATOM system.

    Building of comfortable, attractive and diverging city environment. Development of clubs and places to spent leisure time at. Establishment of dialog between the young generation and the city administration and independent experts.

  4. Public and political activity.  Support to the public unions of different assignment. Establishment of coordination center to monitor the unions, attracting the young employees.

    Appropriate quotas for the young employees when the trade-union elections are arranged.
    Promotion of the young employees into the city Duma deputies, regional and all-Russian public organizations.

    Establish interaction with all-Russian public and political organizations. Arrangement of meetings outside and inside the city to discuss national security problems, industrial policies, development of science and technology, etc.

  5. Arrangement of informational space.  Development of a specialized Internet resource. Production of publications, TV and radio programs based on cooperation between the professional journalists and the young volunteers. Establishment of a media-club, involving the young employees of RFNC-VNIIEF, students and school graduates. Establishment of competitions for the best social, cultural, artistic, informational and another creative projects, the winners of which are awarded in public and further promoted as appropriate.

    Development of easy-to-access media for the young generation to be able to get answers to the questions of interest from the leadership of the city and the Institute. Regular sociological monitoring of the youth policy with the results published in the open manner.

Responsibility of the leaders and the senior colleges in the area of the youth policy is truly high. It is put into life, in particular, via the system of campaigns included into the programs coordinating the activities of the young employees. However, the responsibility of the young people is no less important. Active social position, initiative life style, decisiveness, readiness to be personally responsible for the present and the future of the Nuclear Center – those are the features, which can hardly substitute any moves made by the leaders of the Center. The young employees must become the driving force for future successful development of the Nuclear Center.

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